About me

Melanie J. Thierry

I am an ecologist interested in understanding the mechanisms behind the structure and dynamics of communities in the context of environmental changes.

I am currently a post-doc researcher at CNRS SETE. I investigate phenotypic and dispersal plasticity in response to environmental flutuations using an experimental approach in microcosms.

I defended my PhD in ecology in September 2021 at the Biology Center CAS in Jan Hrcek's lab.
In my PhD, I investigated the effects of the biotic context and future climate warming on host-parasitoid communities. I used an empirical approach with laboratory experiments on a wild-caught tropical Drosophila-parasitoid community that I helped establish in our lab in Czech Republic.
I was also involved in the collaborative LifeWebs project aiming to investigate how interaction networks respond to latitude, elevation and human pressures as a data manager for host-parasitoid interaction data.

I was born and raised in Montpellier, France. Besides ecology, I love exploring and spending time in nature, either hiking, climbing or running.

For more details you can download my CV.

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